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Reviews - Marshall JMP-1

Customer Feedback  Thanks a million for the awesome work done and outstanding customer service! Thanks for the calls on explaining the mod...really appreciate that a lot. ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY JMP-1 MOD! It really added so much more boost, tightness & knocked it out of the park! Will be cranking it up loud & proud at our next big show! Promo flyer is attached for my band hiPNOSTIC. Had to let you know how much I appreciate the work you did...VOODOO AMPS KICKS ASS! All the best to you both...thanks again! - Blake Hastings, 

Customer Feedback  The JMP1 arrived & it sounds pretty darn good. The clean sounds are really responsive like one of my amp heads, which for a rack unit is quite remarkable. I look forward to recording with this soon! - Tom August, CA

Customer Feedback  I can totally see why so many pro guitarists use the Voodoo Modded Marshall JMP 1, this preamp rocks! I've used it to record with as well as to gig with and the improvements over the stock tones are incredible. The cleans are much more useable, I can hear everything and it's super easy to play on! - Wayne Gorden, CA

Customer Feedback
  I can honestly say that after the Deluxe Mod my JMP-1 preamp is my favorite piece of gear and I have over $15,000 worth of various guitar preamps. Do yourself a favor and Mod it.  - Andy Matthews, UK

Customer Feedback
The cleans in my opinion are very usable as long as you keep the gain under 12 or so out of 20. Increase the gain a little and you can get light break up to blues. Of the OD channels I love OD1 for rythms you can dial in just about any Marshall sound. I usually never have to max the gain out. It also can do blues. It seems to also work well with a clean boost. The OD2 can go do modern style distortion and leads with no problems. I am mainly a rythem player and the OD1 is where it is at for me. I was gassing for a Splawn but I like this set up so well that the gas has passed. With this set up I get great tone at all volumes. - MrHiwatt, Harmony Central Reviews

Customer Feedback  The versatility of the JMP1 is what I loved the most because I use the midi feature all the time. What I didn't like was the complete lack of clean tones and the blurry gain. Voodoo Amps turned it into a true tone machine and it feels more like a head than a preamp. I went with the Deluxe Mod and all my friends that have heard it can't believe the difference. Pure love in a box!!! - John Davies, TX

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