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Voodoo Repair

IMPORTANT  Please read entire page prior to shipping your amplifier. If you have any questions after reading this page please feel free to contact us via phone or email.

Warranty Claims  RMA Form must be obtained prior to shipping any item(s) for a Voodoo Warranty Claim. Items without proper documentation will be returned at customers expense without repair - Sorry, no exceptions



  • Over 30 years plus combined experience
  • Honest & friendly service
  • Emergency repairs welcome
We specialize in:
  • Vintage tube amp refurbs
  • Vintage tube amp repair
  • Vintage tube amp service & general maintenance

Read this page completely.
Send us your amp with the COMPLETED repair form taped under the amp handle.
We will refurbish, repair and/or service your amp.
We ship the amp back to you.
It's that easy!

Repairs Being Shipped In – Please be sure to fill out and include the "Repair Form"

Minimum Bench Fee
Local/Drop Off: A $35.00 deposit is required up-front for all non-warranty repairs.
Shipped Items: A $50.00 deposit is required up-front for all non-warranty repairs.

Turnaround Time – We do not have guaranteed turn around times. Repairs are handled on a First-in First-out basis. Turn around times vary depending upon but not limited to; extent and/or cause of damage, availability of components, complexity of repair, accuracy of schematics, service information, time of year, etc.

Note: Turn around times may be lengthened at certain times of the year. If you are on a tight schedule please check with us prior to shipping your amp.

Rush Service – Rush Service is available for an additional 50% of the total bill less shipping/handling & less New York State Sales Tax. 

Turn-around time on Rush Service is to be arranged with the service manager and is subject to certain conditions. Conditions include parts availability, severity of repair work requested, shipping schedules, etc.

Storage Fee
Repairs not paid for or picked up within two (2) days from the date of completion will be charged $20.00 per day as a storage fee.

Abandoned Repairs/Items
Repairs not paid for or picked up within (30) days from the date of completion will be sold without notice as Voodoo Amplification, Inc. inventory to recover the cost of the repair and storage.



We want to make sure you are 100% happy!

  • You're family — in the noble quest for tone we are all family. It doesn't matter if you are playing sold-out arenas or playing in the local club scene.
  • Emails — We try to reply to emails with as much detail as possible but we also receive between 75-100 emails a day so to ensure that we fully understand the tones you want to achieve please call us at the shop so we can talk with you more in depth.
  • Stay abreast — if you have questions, please feel free to give us a call.

    Honesty is the best policy — it's the only way we do business



It's so easy, it's wrong!

Download repair form

Do I have to include the Repair-Form? – A Repair-Form must accompany your amp. Note: If the Repair-Form is not present with your amp, an additional processing fee of $25.00 will be applied.

What if I purchase an item off eBay? - Please visit our Buy it off eBay & Ship it straight to Voodoo page.

Do I have to type out the info? – Yes. Hand written forms can be difficult to read and we want to remove any / all errors. 

You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this form. If you do not have it, fear not, you can get it for free here.


  • What do I do after I've shipped my amp?  Please call us with the tracking number (607-256-0465)
  • How do I know when my amp has been delivered to you?  Your tracking number will confirm the date and time of delivery. Track your package UPS  FedEx  DHL  
  • What happens when my amp arrives?  We take digital photos as we unpack each item in the event  damage has occurred. If damage has occurred a Voodoo Amps® representative will notify you. For more information please visit our UPS Claims page.
  • Do you give daily updates?  In order to keep turn around times as short as possible we forego daily updates. Additionally there is little to report until the problem(s) are found.
  • What if I have questions?  Call the shop (607-256-0465) - it's the fastest and easiest way to get in touch with us.
  • Will I receive a receipt?  Yes, an itemized receipt and a packing slip will be attached to the outside of the package.
  • When do I get a tracking number?  You will receive a courtesy call from a Voodoo Amps® representatve and a tracking number will automatically be sent to the primary email address you have specified on your Repair Form. If you do not receive the email please check your spam / junk email folders.


  • What is the minimum bench fee if I ship my amp to you?  Our minimum bench fee for refused estimates is $50.00. The minimum fee will count towards your over all bill if you are having your amp serviced, refurbed or repaired.
  • What is the minimum bench fee if I drop my amp off to you?  Our minimum bench fee for refused estimates is $30.00. The minimum fee will count towards your over all bill if you are having your amp serviced, refurbed or repaired.
  • What is your bench fee for repairing, servicing & refurbing amps?  Our labor rate is a flat $100.00 an hour and has been the same for many years. All Voodoo techs are highly trained and specifically specialize in tube guitar amp circuitry. We also encourage you to do the research on Voodoo Amps®, and you can also read over 150 reviews from satisfied customers.
  • How much will it be to repair my amp?  It depends on the extent of damage and time to diagnose / repair. Without the amp in front of us it's very difficult to give an accurate estimate.
  • Can I set a price-cap for my amp?  Yes, we recommend affixing a price-cap. For example "If it's $200.00 or less please fix it - if it's over $200.00 please call me first."
  • What is there is no problem found?  The minimum bench fee will be charged for repair work requested on items that are found to be working properly according to Voodoo Repair standards.
  • How long will it take to repair my amp once it gets there?  It depends on what is wrong with the amp as well as the extent of damage as well as how many amps are in line ahead of your amp. We do not have guaranteed turn around times for repairs.
  • How should I ship my amp?  Please visit our shipping page.
  • I had my amp modified by another tech, will you still work on it?  We have and continue to work on and items that have been modified by other companies / techs.
  • My local tech worked on my amp and it's still not right, can you fix it?  We receive a great many amps where the workmanship is less than ideal but fear not as we can certainly get your amp back to 100% working order for you.


  • What is your payment policy with in the USA or Canada?  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express - This includes credit, debit and check cards. We also except postal and bank money orders. Payment in full is due upon completion.
  • What is your payment policy for international customers?  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express - This includes credit, debit and check cards. We also except postal and bank money orders. Payment in full is due upon completion.
  • Can you retube my amp for me? – Yes and there is a $35 service fee for proper biasing and installation. 
  • If I provide tubes will you install and bias them for me? – Yes and there is a $35.00 fee to install and properly bias the tubes.
  • Can I order tubes from you? – Yes you can and please visit our Tube page


  • How often do I need to recap my amp?  To avoid tonal degradation, loss of bottom end and added noise we recommend re-capping your amp every 10 years.
  • Can you Re-Cap my amp?  Yes and we would be happy to accommodate your needs. Pricing varies from $79.95 to $299.95. (prices vary depending on make/model, number of caps used and amount of time spent).
  • Can you return my amp back to stock? – Yes. We can return your amp back to it's original stock form using high quality parts and components.
  • I think my amp has a blown or faulty transformer, can you replace it? – We will test the transformer in question and if we determine that it is not working properly we can install a replacement transformer for you. We exclusively use Mercury Magnetics transformers as they sound, feel and perform better than any other transformer we have ever tried to date. Aside from cost there is no downside to upgrading to the proper Mercury Magnetics transformer(s).
  •  Do you warranty Mercury Magnetics transformers? – Voodoo Amps® warrants all Mercury Magnetics transformers to be free from defects in material and workmanship, if properly installed, under normal use for a period of ten (10) years from the date of purchase, and by the original owner. Defective transformers will be replaced or repaired at our discretion. To the extent permitted by law, the foregoing is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties or representations whether expressed or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness. In no event shall Voodoo Amps® be liable for special or consequential damages. All warranty returns are examined by our engineering staff to determine the exact cause of failure. This warranty is void if your transformer has been tampered with.



What our warranty covers:
Voodoo Amps® warranties all circuitry work performed by Voodoo Amps® for 30-days from the date of shipment. All warranty claims must be accompanied by original sales receipt/invoice.

Warranty does not cover:
(1) Damage caused by accident, misuse, abuse, improper installation or operation, rental, product modification or neglect;
(2) damage occurring during shipment;
(3) damage caused by repair or service performed by persons not authorized by Voodoo Amps®;
(4) products on which the serial number has been altered, defaced or removed;
(5) original manufactures warranty;
(6) stock tubes, filter caps, transformers, sockets, etc.

Who this warranty protects:
This warranty protects only the original owner who had the work performed.

What Voodoo will do:
We will repair (at Voodoo Amps® discretion) circuitry covered by warranty at no charge for labor or materials. If the product or component must be shipped to Voodoo Amps® for warranty service, the consumer must pay initial shipping charges. If the repairs are covered by warranty, Voodoo Amps® will pay the return shipping charges.

How to get warranty service:
(1) Take defective item and your sales receipt or other proof of date of purchase to your authorized Voodoo Amps® Dealer or Authorized Voodoo Amps® Service Center; OR
(2) Ship defective item, prepaid, to Voodoo Amps® ( Include a detailed description of the problem via our Repair-Form, together with a copy of your sales receipt or other proof of purchase as evidence of warranty coverage. Properly complete and include the Voodoo-Repair-Form®.

Limitation of Implied Warranties:
Any implied warranties, including warranties or merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are limited in duration to the length of this warranty. Note: Some states do not allow limitation of how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to you.

Exclusions of Damages:
Voodoo Amps® liability for any defective product is limited to the repair of the product. Voodoo Amps® shall not be liable for damaged based on inconvenience, loss of use, lost profits, lost savings, damage to any other equipment or other items on the site of use, or any other damages whether incidental, consequential or otherwise, even if Voodoo Amps® has been of the possibility of such damages.

Note: Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state.

If you have any questions about this warranty or service received, or if you need assistance in locating an Authorized Service Center, please contact the Voodoo Amps® Service Center at 607-256-0465.

Click Here for the Repair Form (word doc)

Features, specifications & pricing subject to change without notice.

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