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Voodoo Amps® Gain Boost (push / pull)  


  GAIN BOOST (push/pull)  $89.95
"Need a little more gain? - We've got you covered!" 

Description / Specs:

  • Exclusive to Voodoo Amps®
  • Recommend for all styles of music
  • Added control pot with push/push feature (see below) 
  • Increased gain
  • Improved versatility
  • Increases harmonic content
  • Note: This alone will not take a vintage amp into high-gain territory
  • Can be added to front of rear of chassis - Drilling may be required
  • Location of control(s) is dependent on model of amp - Email with questions
  • To upgrade to this control feature please add to "notes section" of Mod-Form 
  • Pricing varies depending on make & model of amp


"Get inspired - upgrade your tone now!" 

 Voodoo Amps® is the Leader in Tube Amp Mods & Upgrades

Pricing, features & specifications subject to change without notice




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Customer Feedback  "Everyone has nights where you are not on-the-money. Thankfully I do not have that many nights, but when I do all I have to do is flip the Gain Boost switch and it gives me the added gain I need. It's a life saver!" - Greg Freeman, CA

Customer Feedback  "I have a Voodoo modded 1987x with the HG-Jose Mod. I play in two different bands, one 70's classic rock and the other is 80's metal. I don't need it for 70's rock band but for the 80's band I can't live out it, thanks Voodoo!" - Tim Keller, TN

Customer Feedback  "I wasn't sure if I would need it or not. I bought a brand new Deluxe mod done to my 3 channel Dual Rectifier from Voodoo Amps. I a/b'ed it against several boost pedal but they don't sound or feel as good (they gave you about the same amount of gain). If you play drop tuned extreme metal I would recommend getting this." - Jens, Sweden

Customer Feedback  "The added gain on my stock JCM800 2204 is awsome. Before I had to struggle to get any kind of sustain out of the amp and now it's much easier to play. I also got the push push Bottom control and the bass rocks!" - Matt Durhan, OH

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