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Voodoo Amps Trademarks
Updated November 2013


The following are Trademarks, Trade Names and Trade Dress belonging to Voodoo Amplification Inc., Horseheads, NY:


 Bottom Control 
 Brutal Mode
 Cream Control
 HG Mod
 Dr Feelgood
 Hook Mod
 Feel Control
 Global Control
 Mid Drive
 Mid Girth Control
 Mid Slice Control
 Savage Mode
 Senes Mod
 Shaw Mod
 Texas Heat
 Voodoo Amps
 Voodoo Amplification
 Voodoo Cable
 Voodoo Mods
 Voodoo Repair
 Voodoo Upgrade
 Voodoo Verify
 Voodoo Emblems


The absence of a Trademark, Trade Name or Trade Dress in this list does not constitute a waiver of any intellectual property rights of Voodoo Amplification Inc. All other companies, products and trademarks mentioned on this website are trademarks of their respective owners. Unless otherwise noted Voodoo Amps is not affiliated with any of these companies.


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