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Voodoo Amps® Post Phase Inverter Master Volume  


  MASTER VOLUME - Post Phase Inverter  $179.00

Description / Specs:

  • Post Phase Inverter Master Volume (PPIMV)
  • Cranked / vintage distortion at bedroom volumes!
  • Perfect for Non-Master Volume vintage & reissue amps (IE: Marshalls, Fenders, Vox's)
  • 100% transparent 
  • Get the vintage overdrive at any volume level!
  • Same tone at low volume as higher volumes
  • Does not change / alter your tone 
  • 100% safe - Will not harm your amp
  • Sounds better & is cheaper than an attenuator
  • Same Master Volume featured on our Voodoo V-Plex models
  • Dual ganged control pot, isolated with capacitors on both sides for improved tone & feel 
  • Can be added to front of rear of chassis - Drilling may be required
  • Location of control(s) is dependent on model of amp - Email with questions
  • To upgrade to this control feature please add to "notes section" of Mod-Form 
  • Pricing varies depending on make & model of amp


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Customer Feedback  "Cheaper than an attenuator and it sounds ten times better. I've owned just about every attenuator and this Master Volume blows them all away! I opened the amp up when I got it back and I've never seen work this neat before. Kudos to Voodoo" - James Kent, TN

Customer Feedback  "My Bassman amp thanks you, my sound man damn sure thanks you and I cannot thank you enough. You guys were so cool to deal with and for the first time I am now completely in love with my tone. You have a customer for life and I will tell everyone I can about you" - Jordan Sinclair, GA

Customer Feedback  "Massive, huge, bold and easy to play. Now I can play my 100 watt Marshall Super Lead without my neighbors calling the cops (my wife couldn't be happier). What more can I say?" - Matt Feinstein, NYC

Customer Feedback  "I have a Marshall plexi reissue and tried 5 different attenuators. They all effected my tone more than I could deal with. The last attenuator I bought fried my output transformer so after doing two weeks of research I decided to give Voodoo a try. They installed a new plexi-spec Mercury Magnetics output transformer and recommended a PPI master volume. This amp finally sounds like all the records! I honestly didn't expect the amp to sound this good and I definitely didn't expect to get tones this good with the master volume on 1! They answered every single question I had and its the best customer service I have ever had." - Cesar Perez, AZ

Customer Feedback  "My Super Reverb now gets tones like SRV without being so ungodly loud. It's to have the complex distortion and sustain without being forced to turn the amp really loud. I wish I did this years ago, lesson learned!" - Dan Barnhart, TX 

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