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Modified Marshall 1987XL Reissue 50 watt (brand new)

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 Marshall 1987X Reissue Mods


Brand New with:
AFD Mods
HG-Jose Mods
LG-Jose Mods


"Pro tone at your finger tips!" 


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Customer Feedback: "This IS THE bad-ass Marshall sound. The amp also features a very toneful Mercury Magnetics output transformer made custom for VooDoo Amps. NOTHING has the visual impact of a 100 watt Marshall plexi head but when they hear it, you will have to deal with the following response often, "What is that and where can I get one?" - Todd Dugan, MA

Customer Feedback: "Trace is the man and his work is nothing short of amazing. Having him do the HG-Jose Mod for me was the best money I've spent. If you're even thinking about improving your tone give Trace a call and he will do whatever it takes to help you." - Mel Deneen, PA

Customer Feedback: "Never owned an amp that was this easy to play or that's replicated 80's tones this well, and I've owned tons of boutique high gainers. They say it nails the 80's and it DOES! From Dokken, Ratt, Whitesnake and even older EVH tones this slays. I gigged with it the first say I got it back and 4 people came up to me afterwards and how awesome my tone is." - Curtis Dettling, CA

Customer Feedback: I've searched for this tone for over 20 years and now I have it. I'm in a 80's hard rock cover band and it fits what we do flawlessly." Jack Gorman, AZ

Customer Feedback: "Raunchy, barking, roaring, biting, and laden with harmonics. This amp started as a 2005 Marshall 1959HW hand-wired 100 watt Plexi, which was a great amp on it's own. But you have to crank it to ridiculously loud volume to get the drive happening. You need an attenuator to bring the volume down and a boost pedal to get into the "hot-rodded" high gain sounds. Enter the High Gain "Jose Mod" from Voodoo Amps. The amp now has a master volume which works amazingly well and the preamp is "beefed up", going from a classic crunch all the way up to 80's Hard Rock/Metal tones like Ratt, Dokken, and Guns and Roses." - Todd Dugan, MA






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