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Randall Module Mods



Randall Deluxe Module Mods & Upgrades


   Standard, Deluxe "Express" Mods & Upgrades


Randall Deluxe "Express" Mods
Standard Mod™  $129.00  FREE SHIPPING!
Deluxe Mod
  $149.00  FREE SHIPPING!
Mod Upgrades Available
  (see below)
Control Knob & LED Upgrades Available 
(see below)


Mod Process & FAQ's
Packing & Shipping Info
Brand-New Voodoo Modified!






 "The spirit of the original Trainwreck Express captured in module form - Dynamic & responsive!!" 


  Standard Mod™  $129.00  (Introductory Offer)  FREE SHIPPING!
Circuitry Modifications


  • Voodoo Designed™ for Randall Modules
  • The revered Trainwreck Express tone at your finger tips! 
  • Voiced as close as possible to original Express
  • Two (2) new hand-selected 12AX7 preamp tubes! (included)
  • Vastly improved cleans
  • Twangy, jangley and airy
  • Muddy distortion is removed
  • Stays much cleaner at higher volumes
  • Greatly improved touch response & dynamics
  • Smoother harmonic content 
  • EQ section is much more active, responsive & musical
  • Highs are bell like and airy 
  • Mids are focused 
  • Lows are richer / deeper
  • Chimey or warmer / jazz'ier tones can be dialed in via EQ adjustments 
  • Easier to bend & vibrato
  • Works great with pedals!
  • Lows, mids to highs are much more balanced across the frequency spectrum
  • Will cut through & sit in the mix much better live as well as in the recording studio
  • Perfect for Rock, Blues, Fusion & Country tones!
  • For best clean tone results set Master to 10 / full up & set Gain control lower
  • For best vintage overdrive tones set Master lower & set Gain full up
  • Recommended Add-On Controls for Randall Modules  (coming soon)
  • Express Mod has more mids and is crunchier than the Liverpool Mod
  • Want a smoother / more chimey tone? Check out our Liverpool Mod! 
  • Please notate the unit that powers the module in the notes section of the Mod-Form
  • Please list "Express Mod" in the notes section of the Mod-Form
  • Voodoo Amps Mods® retain resale value verses decreasing it
  • Approximate turn-around time 7-9 days - rush service is available 


  Deluxe Mod™  $149.00  (Introductory Offer)  FREE SHIPPING!
Upgrade to Standard Mod


  • Includes Voodoo Standard Modification™
  • Upgrade all Coupling & Bypass capacitors
  • Upgrade additional key capacitors located in audio path
  • Upgrade all B+ / High Voltage capacitors
  • Tone is more open and professional sounding
  • EQ section is more musical sounding
  • Deeper / richer lows
  • Highs are smoother and more open
  • Mids are better focused
  • Improved feel - Smoother & easier to play
  • Improved dynamics & touch response
  • Improved articulation and definition
  • Improved harmonics 
  • Over all tone is more three dimentional / 3D
  • Classic Trainwreck Express cleans with a crunchy / vintage overdrive
  • A must for touring musicians, engineers and producers!
  • Deluxe Mod™ will give you the best tone, feel and performance 
  • Please notate the unit that powers the module in the notes section of the Mod-Form
  • Please list "Express Mod" in the notes section of the Mod-Form
  • Approximate turn-around time 7-9 days - rush service is available 


  UPGRADE - From Standard Mod™ to the Deluxe Mod™  $49.00

  • Upgrade your current Voodoo Standard Modified™  Randall Module now! 
  • Includes Deluxe Mod™ (see above for specs)
  • For USA and International Customers
  • Approximate turn-around time 7-9 days - rush service is available 



  • Upgrade your control knobs on your Voodoo Modified™  Randall Module! 
  • We presently stock several different knobs (IE: Marshall style, chicken head, etc)
  • Pricing varies depending on type of knobs
  • Average pricing is $1 to $2 per knob


  LED UPGRADES (power light)

  • Upgrade your LED power light on your Voodoo Modified™  Randall Module now! 
  • Orange - $3.00 installed
  • Blue - $3.00 installed
  • Purple $5.00 installed
  • All LED's are water-clear style & high quality
  • These are the most popular colors. Additional colors available upon request
  • Approximate turn-around time 7-9 days - rush service is available 


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"Get inspired - upgrade your tone now!"  



Voodoo Amps® is the Leader in Tube Amp Mods & Upgrades

Pricing, features & specifications subject to change without notice


   "We have countless Mods that we have designed & will be adding them to the site daily!"

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