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   Standard, Deluxe, Platinum Mods & Upgrades


Ampeg SVT-VR "Blue-Line" Mods   
Standard Mod™ $395.00
Deluxe Mod™ $979.00
Platinum Mod™  $1942.00 



"Big, Fat, Smooth & Punchy & 100% more road worthy than the vintage SVT's! Capture the vintage tone of the original Blue-Lines - It doesn't get any better than this!"


   Standard Mod™  $395.00
Circuitry Modifications


  • All Modifications are exclusive to Voodoo Amps® 
  • Mods were designed to get closer to the tone of the Blue-Line SVT's
  • Improved reliability
  • Tone is more 3D, warmer & rounder
  • Smoother & easier-to-play feel 
  • EQ section is much more active, responsive & musical
  • Lows, mids to highs are much more balanced across the frequency spectrum
  • Brighter or warmer / browner tones can be dialed in via EQ adjustments 
  • Improved bottom end
  • Deeper / richer bottom end
  • Mids are very focused & punchy
  • Increased harmonic detail & complexity
  • The tone is more inspiring, smoother & more fun to play on 
  • Faster attack - tracks every note you play immediately
  • Improved note articulation - more articulate / defined / clear
  • Amp will sit in the mix much better live as well as in the recording studio
  • Add-On Controls: We are not able to add on any extra controls as there is no physical room inside the amp.
  • All features & functions still operate the same - no holes drilled
  • Note - $35 double boxing fee applies due to weight of amp
  • Important - Pro Bass Tone is all about power, we highly recommend the Platinum Mod
  • Voodoo Mods™ retain your amps resale value verses decreasing it

  Deluxe Mod™  $979.00
Standard Mod + Output Transformer = Deluxe Mod


  • Includes Standard Mod™ (see above)
  • Includes Upgraded Voodoo-Designed™ Mercury Magnetics VA-SVTVR-O Output Transformer
  • $459.00 & $125.00 Installation fee (included) 
  • Improved clarity 
  • Improved definition
  • Increased harmonic content
  • Bass response is improved
  • Mids are punchier & more focused
  • Increased even-order harmonics (IE: sounds much more musical)
  • Headroom is improved
  • Tone is more open


  Platinum Mod™  $1752.00  
Standard Mod + Output, Power & Choke Transformers = Platinum Mod

  • Includes Deluxe Mod™
  • Includes Upgraded Voodoo-Designed™ VA-SVTVR--P Mercury Magnetics Power Transformer
  • $559.00 & $125.00 Installation fee (included)
  • Includes Upgraded Voodoo-Designed™ VA-SVTVR-F Mercury Magnetics Filament Transformer
  • $179.00  & $100.00 Installation fee (included)
  • 120V 60Hz Operation
  • Vastly improved power regulation 
  • Lightening quick response
  • Punches & cuts through like the original SVT's!
  • Lows are solid, tighter & fat but fully focused
  • Far more responsive & expressive
  • Much easier to play & transition from string to string
  • Vastly improved feel & tone  - Smoother feel & easier to play 
  • A must for touring musicians, engineers and producers!
  • Platinum Mod™ will give you the best tone, feel and performance possible
  • This is as close as it gets to the original vintage Blue Line SVT's!
  • Far more reliable & road worthy than a vintage SVT!


  Platinum Mod™  $1702.00  International Customers!
Standard Mod + Output, Power & Choke Transformers = Platinum Mod

  • No need for step-up transformers that can harm your amp!
  • Same as USA Platinum Mod™
  • Available in 100V & 220V, 230V, 240V
  • Buy it new from us, We'll Mod it & Ship it to you!


"Get inspired - Upgrade your tone now!" 

Voodoo Amps® is the Leader in Tube Amp Mods & Upgrades

Pricing, features & specifications subject to change without notice

  "We have designed countless Mods since 1998. If you do not see your amp listed please contact us!"




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