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   Standard, Deluxe, Platinum Mods & Upgrades


Ampeg SVT-VR "Blue-Line" Mods   
Standard Mod™ $345.00
Deluxe Mod™ $TBA
Platinum Mod™  $TBA  No Free Shipping!


Mod Process & FAQ's
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"Capture the spirit of the vintage SVT's - Warmer, Fatter & Rounder tones at your finger tips!"


   Standard Mod™  $345.00
Circuitry Modifications


  • All Modifications are exclusive to Voodoo Amps® 
  • Mods were designed to get closer to the tone of the Blue-Line SVT's
  • Improved reliability
  • Tone is more 3D, warmer & rounder
  • Smoother & easier-to-play feel 
  • EQ section is much more active, responsive & musical
  • Lows, mids to highs are much more balanced across the frequency spectrum
  • Brighter or warmer / browner tones can be dialed in via EQ adjustments 
  • Improved bottom end
  • Deeper / richer bottom end
  • Mids are very focused & punchy
  • Increased harmonic detail & complexity
  • The tone is more inspiring, smoother & more fun to play on 
  • Faster attack - tracks every note you play immediately
  • Improved note articulation - more articulate / defined / clear
  • Amp will sit in the mix much better live as well as in the recording studio
  • Add-On Controls: We are not able to add on any extra controls as there is no physical room inside the amp.
  • All features & functions still operate the same - no holes drilled
  • Note - $35 double boxing fee applies due to weight of amp
  • Voodoo Mods™ retain your amps resale value verses decreasing it
  • Estimated Turn Around Times 



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"Get inspired - upgrade your tone now!" 



Voodoo Amps® is the Leader in Tube Amp Mods & Upgrades

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Customer Feedback  "I didn't expect this to sound nearly as good as it does. I've got 2 vintage blue line Ampeg SVT's with matching 8x10 cabs. The "Blue Line" Mod you did makes the tone of this reissue a great more like my vintage SVT's. I can now take this amp out to gigs and leave my vintage amps at home where they are safe-n-sound. Oh the SED 6550’s are awesome and over all this was worth every cent. Thank you for all the hard work." Kenneth McDaniels, CA

Customer Feedback  "Now I know what I was missing! The tone is so much more present and touch sensitive - its incredible. In it's stock form the tone was mediocre at best, murky, the bottom end was sluggish and muddy. Now I can lean into it and get the amp to growl or lay back and get a sweet smooth tone. The quality of the tone is hard to put into words but having compared it to my friend's old SVT this is damn close! Smaller movements on the EQ knobs do make more of a difference and the tone punches out a lot better too. I don't know what you did but I would call it a small miracle. Your customer service is everything I've heard about and more and thanks for packing this so well. I will refer you to everyone I know, thanks again Trace!" - Dale Dima, TX

Customer Feedback  "Hi Trace! I finally had a chance to plug-in my amp, crank it, let it get hot, and play it. Sounds pretty awesome to me! I’ve never had a vintage piece, but it sounds really warm and round, just like I want it to, so I am really pleased with it! Thanks so much for the hard work and communication throughout the process." - Craig Allen, ME

Customer Feedback  "I waited to give you my feedback as I wanted to play some shows with this first. I tour a lot and this amp has always given me trouble so the road (kinda like the original SVT's). It sucks having to get an emergency repair on the road but after 2 months of constant touring this amp hasn't gone down or hickup'ed once - that's amazing! My drummer noticed the difference as soon as I started playing, same with our FOH engineer and monitor guy. This things is so punchy and clear its unreal. I play with my fingers and a pick on some songs as well as some matter what this things kills every night! Can it be better? I think not but if you ever release a bass amp of your own I'll buy it. Cheers from the road - James Moore, CA



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