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Mod FAQ's - JVM410 Mods

Marshall JVM Series



  • Presence & Resonance - 12:00
  • 'Master' Volume controls - 12:00-1:00
  • EQ's - 12:00
  • Mode - Green
  • 'Gain' control - 9:00
  • EQ's - 12:00
  • Mode - See below
  • 'Volume' controls - 9:00-10:00
  • 'Gain' controls - Full up

    Adjust the Gain Channel's 'Volumes so all Gain Channels are 'Volume Balanced', IE: all Gain Channels are at the same volume. If you need more stage volume increase the 'Master' Volume controls on the Master Section of the amplifier. Now adjust Clean Channel's 'Gain' control to match the volume of the Gain Channels. Once you have become familiar with the controls you can begin to adjust EQ settings & Mode settings to taste.

    Mode Settings - For best results on Clean Channel we do not recommend engaging a 'Master' Volume & we recommend the Green Mode.
  • JVM205, 210 & 215 H&C Series - Select the Mode that best suits your playing style(s)
  • JVM410 H&C Series - CH2 - Red Mode offers the best tonal results for most players. CH3 - Orange Mode, CH4 - Red Mode. Note: Some players prefer to 'mirror' or set CH's 3 & 4 to the same 'Modes' using CH3 as a Rhythm CH and CH4 as a Lead Channel. Select which option best suits your playing style(s).

    Keeping Noise to a Minimum & Keeping Low End Tighter - We recommend setting the Gain Channels 'Volume' controls between 9:00-10:00. The 'Volume' controls are actually Master Volumes for each channel & increasing these controls will increase noise & instability in the amplifier (stock or Modded). If you increase the Channel 'Volume' Controls & Lower the 'Master' Volume controls in the Master Section of the amp, noise problems will be worsen.


Updated Mar 1st, 2015

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