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Mod FAQ's



Do I have to schedule a Tonal Consultation Call before shipping my amp? – Yes & this is first step. We want to make sure we understand & can meet those needs. If we agree to take the item(s) in we will send a confirmation email authorizing you to ship the item(s) to us. 

Important - If an item(s) is shipped to us without prior authorization the unit will be returned you at your cost. You will be responsible for any & all return shipping costs as well as generating a return shipping label - No exceptions. 

What do Voodoo Mods entail? – Modifications include but are not limited to; Revising and/or improving existing circuitry, installing additional circuitry, re-designing circuitry and/or upgrading key components/parts for improved reliability & performance. Voodoo Designed Modifications are 100% safe, fully serviceable, reversible & in many instances increase tube life. We take pride in quality craftsmanship and our work is among the cleanest in the industry.

Note: Modification prices do not include;

  • Repairing an amplifier, IE: repairing damaged traces on PC boards, etc.
  • De-modding an already existing Mod within the amp
  • Faulty or worn out components
  • Re-tubes / installing new tubes
  • Shipping & handling costs 

Update 07-27-2016 - Important  Your amp should be in 100% perfect working order before you ship the amp to us unless otherwise agreed upon in advance. We offer repairs to a variety of units & in most cases we can repair your unit. Repairs are not included in Modification prices. Our shop rate is $150.00 an hour.  Please note we no longer take in repairs. We do accept amps for service, refurbs or rebuilds but not for repair.

Transformers - If you are having a Deluxe or Platinum Mod performed, you are charged up front for the cost of the transformers. 

I had my amp modified by another tech, will you still work on it -  Yes we will.

If I do not like the mod will you convert the amp back to stock for free -  We do not give refunds on Modifications & nor do we convert amps back to their stock form free of charge. Please make sure this is what you want before you ship your amp. If you have any questions or concerns please call us first.

How do I know when my amp has been delivered to you –  You can track your package as it is in route to us. Your tracking number will confirm the date and time of delivery. UPS , FedEx , DHL

What happens when my amp arrives –  We take digital photos as we unpack each item in case damage has occurred in shipping. If damage has occurred a Voodoo Amps® representative will notify you immediately and email you a PDF file of the unpacking process. Will you test my amp before modifying it –  We Each & every unit is tested. 1st we audio each unit. 2nd we test all main functions to ensure they are working properly. Once we have confirmed the item(s) are in perfect working order we will then begin the Mod process.

Do you provide daily updates –  We do not offer daily updates as we prefer to put the time into working on the amplifiers. 

What if I have questions –  Please email us at as this is usually the fastest way to get in touch with us.

I'm not sure if my amp needs new tubes, can you let me know –  Yes, please notate the following in the 'Notes' section of the Mod Form; "Please check the tubes & let me know if you feel the sound & feel of the amp would benefit from replacing the tubes." - Once the Modifications have been completed we will then asses the tubes & make the necessary recommendations.

Will I get a receipt for the work that has been performed –  An itemized receipt & packing slip will be attached to the outside of the package. This is considered your 'original sales receipt' & is the only receipt that is accepted for warranty claims.

Will I get a tracking number & if so when –  Yes, tracking numbers are automatically emailed to you. If you do not receive your tracking number please check your spam & junk email folders. Note; tracking numbers may be emailed to you prior to the tracking number being 'active'. The tracking number will be 'activated' once the carrier scans the shipping label



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