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Reviews - HG-Jose Mods

Customer Feedback  I got my amp yesterday. It is all good! Even though I have been down with the flu you  know I was out in that garage with my pocket knife tearing into the box and dragging that amp into my little  studio. What a dream come true!!!  My wife says to tell you "Finally!" The amp is perfect. I mean really it sounds fantastic and it fits exactly what I wanted, 80's high gain Marshall - I just sold a Mesa Boogie Mark V  and couldn't get rid of it fast enough. Must be Voodoo! - Curtis Popke, AZ

Customer Feedback WOW! I just got my amp back and I can't tell you how happy I am. The amp sounds amazing and plays incredible. You guys are the best. I hope to do business with you guys again! Mike Williams, OH

Customer Feedback
  When I play this Voodoo Platinum HG-Jose Modified Marshall I feel like my guitar is wired to my central nervous system! In 30 years of playing, it's the BEST Marshall I've Ever Heard. Incredible! - Ronnie Wilde / Allied Forces, NYC

Customer Feedback  If you're looking for that 80's hot rodded Marshall tones then the HG-Jose Mod is for you! 80's tone like you won't believe! VanHalen, Ratt, Dokken tones with ease & people will say "Where did you get that amp?!" Thanks again, Rock on Trace! - Adam Storage, MI

Customer Feedback
  Sounds like a classic hotrodded Marshall. F^ucking brilliant sound.. Reminds me of Van Halen and George Lynch type of sound :-D - RickyboyH, YouTube

Customer Feedback
  This IS THE bad-ass Marshall sound. The amp also features a very toneful Mercury Magnetics output transformer made custom for Voodoo Amps. NOTHING has the visual impact of a 100 watt Marshall plexi head but when they hear it, you will have to deal with the following response often, "What is that and where can I get one? - Todd Dugan, MA

Customer Feedback
  Trace is the man and his work is nothing short of amazing. Having him do the HG-Jose Mod for me was the best money I've spent. If you're even thinking about improving your tone give Trace a call and he will do whatever it takes to help you. - Mel Deneen, PA

Customer Feedback
  Thanks for positive comments. I have searched high and low for this tone and finally found it. The HG Jose Mod from Voodoo Amplification is the only modification done to this reissue 1959 SLP. The technicians at Voodoo listened to my requests and gave me everything that I had asked for and more! If you are into 80's crunch, ala Lynch, DeMartini, Aldrich, etc. Give Trace a call at Voodoo Amps. You will not be disappointed!! - ZR4400, YouTube

Customer Feedback  Sounds f**king great!! Just like the 80's. - daneguitar, YouTube Text Comments

Customer Feedback  Never owned an amp that was this easy to play or that's replicated 80's tones this well, and I've owned tons of boutique high gainers. They say it nails the 80's and it DOES! From Dokken, Ratt, Whitesnake and even older EVH tones this slays. I gigged with it the first day I got it back and 4 people came up to me afterwards and said how awesome my tone is. - Curtis Dettling, CA

Customer Feedback  Sh!t. Great sounding. Very punchy, very sharp. Like Van Halens' amp:) -  Rafcyk, YouTube Text Comments

Customer Feedback  That is BY FAR the SICKEST sound I've heard in my life. AviatorAndyK, YouTube

Customer Feedback
  I've searched for this tone for over 20 years and now I have it. I'm in a 80's hard rock cover band and it fits what we do flawlessly. I had them turn it into a 2 channel amp so it has a crunch and lead channel (shared EQ). They put an extra 2nd master volume and gain controls where 2 of the input jacks were. I can add more gain and turn up for leads! - Jack Gorman, AZ

Customer Feedback  Super tone! And sustain! It is what I am looking for! - guitarbanjo1, YouTube

Customer Feedback
  Raunchy, barking, roaring, biting, and laden with harmonics. This amp started as a 2005 Marshall 1959HW hand-wired 100 watt Plexi, which was a great amp on it's own. But you have to crank it to ridiculously loud volume to get the drive happening. You need an attenuator to bring the volume down and a boost pedal to get into the "hot-rodded" high gain sounds. Enter the High Gain "Jose Mod" from Voodoo Amps. The amp now has a master volume which works amazingly well and the preamp is "beefed up", going from a classic crunch all the way up to 80's Hard Rock/Metal tones like Ratt, Dokken, and Guns and Roses. - Todd Dugan, MA

Customer Feedback  If your looking for that 80s tone and you dont want to cut corners then the platinum mod is for you. I can't say enough about those voodoo designed Mercury Magnetics transformers I was very skeptical at first because they are a little pricey but let me tell you it was worth every penny. The amp really sounds and feels so much better. The notes really ring out and sustain instintly, even at low volume the cords sound much more defined. Spend the money if want professional tone, you wont be sorry. Rock on! - Adam Storage, MI

Customer Feedback  O.K. folks here's the deal. If you ever wanted that Jose Arrendondo / Arrco Electronics Hotrodded Marshall tone of the 80's, Trace and the guys at Voodoo Amps have you covered. I picked up a HW1959 Marshall Super Lead on EBay and had Trace and the boys do their High Gain Jose magic to my amp. Now, I have about every high gain head out there and none them can get the 80's Marshall tone that everyone is looking for. I have heard the original Jose Arrendondo Arrco Mods before and take it from me, this is dead on! And best of all, it sits square in the mix! I also had the Global control installed (very cool), it allows me to bring the mids to where I like.

And an all tube effects loop complete with send and return controls (THE BEST LOOP I HAVE EVER HEARD PERIOD). Whether you are using effects or not, this feature alone is a massive tone shaping tool. Trace didn't stop there, he also added a Classic/Aggressive Switch on the back. Imagine doing the drop D thing with the heaviest Marshall tone on the planet and that's it!
Thanks guys, more amps will be on the way! - John Bachety, NY


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