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Reviews - JVM410 Mods

Customer Feedback  Hi Trace, I want to thank you for the excellent job you did on my JVM 410H. It sounds better then I ever thought it would, the gain is more useable, the harmonics are so easy to hit now, and I can't believe how quiet it runs. This amp cuts through so nice now! The crunch channel sounds like a hot-rodded JCM800, and the OD1 and OD2 are actually usable. I love my amp now thanks to you! The v-rock is next on my wish list! - Landie Nikolaisen

Customer Feedback  Absolutely Killer amp in every way! The Voodoo Platinium Mod turns a good amp into an absolute beast and the most diverse Marshall I have ever played. 4 Channels with 3 modes each and does everything from the Hotrodded JCM800 to the Jubilee. - 61reissue, Harmony Central Forums

Customer Feedback
  Received my JVM head back from you guys and holy cow.......such a nice difference. The amp is sooo much more musical.....and the gain is much less buzzy. Controls make more of a difference too!! I really appreciate the extra time and effort you guys put into my amp!! - Dale Daniels, NV

Customer Feedback
  I really liked the amp in it's stock form and it's even better now! I could only get the gain knobs half way up, anything more and the noise was just too much for me and the gain turned to mush. The gain is 100% useable and there is less noise. Everything sounds more musical and more balanced. Some how you made the clean channel even better and I didn't think that was possible. It's the best $200 I've spent in years! - Ben Muller, CA

Customer Feedback  I stumbled across Voodoo Amps researching mods on the net. I read all the reviews and I honestly am trying to come up with something that doesn't sound like I work for the company but I have to admit that everything they say is true. The tone is outstanding, the customer service is the best I've ever experienced (I'm 42) and the turn around time was very fast. Every time I had questions they answered them without ever making me feel like I was being rushed off the phone. What more can I say except go with Voodoo! - Marty Douglas, OH

Customer Feedback 
I bought the amp before Marshall raised their prices hoping it would be what they advertised it as. It certainly wasn't the ultimate Marshall I hoped it would it would be and after talking to numerous players online the same name kept coming up I so sent my amp to Trace at Voodoo Amps. All I can say is thank God I did cause my JVM ROCKS!! - James Northrupt, TN

Customer Feedback  The Platinum Modified JVM was returned in a very sturdy, protective box and was in pristine shape. The amp still has the characteristic Marshall tonal qualities but they are all embellished in positive ways. Before the mod, the amp sounded good but sort of generic. Now the individual channels and modes more closely approximate the great amps they were meant to mimic such as the Plexi. The headroom on the clean channel is greater, the sound is tighter and the feel of the guitar strings interacts much more directly with the sound coming out of the amp. All of the sounds thru the frequency range are better; the highs are airy and bright but not harsh. All of the channels have much more low end definition, less noise and just sound more musical. The tone of the guitar is allowed to come out and the amp has become more of a tool to project your tone and the way you play. Overall the amp is more touch sensitive. I find that I use less gain because the notes ring truer and sustain longer. The amp has been transformed into more of a boutique amp and I find that I can't stop playing it particularly the crunch channel which is addictive. The improvement was not subtle, I could tell immediately on plugging in. Kudos to Voodoo.  A really worthwhile investment. - Mark Schutta, PA


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