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Reviews - TSL100 Rock Mods

Customer Feedback  I can't believe the super job they did on it!!! I couldn't believe that was the same amp I brought to them. Everything I wanted out of a Marshall and then some. My hats off to you guys!!! I would rate this amp a 7 before I got it modded but now it's way over a 10. - Kevin, Harmony Central Review

Customer Feedback
  The FX-Loop Mod was a MASSIVE improvement, it used to have so much hiss that I had given up using the loop entirely, almost no noise at all now. - Mike Davis, PA

Customer Feedback
  When I got this amp back it completely blew my mind how good the tones were. Very full, open, and organic. Plenty of gain to spare as well. One of the most articulate, and clear sounding high gainers I have ever heard. I Can't praise this amp enough. - Dan Hopler, NYC/Harmony Central Review

Customer Feedback
  Been playing for 17 years straight and have had a couple amps in my time (Bogner, Engl, Orange, Marshall, Peavey, and a Matchless) I can say this amp tone-wise is a lot more versatile, than many amps out there. - Frank, Harmony Central Review

Customer Feedback  I play live and do extensive studio work. Very versatile amplifier, like a 24 flavors of tone yet you are able to dial in your own signature sound to suit your style. The Distortion is awesome, it burns hot man, get a pickup that cuts through and you will be lovin the tone of this powerful wagon of tone! - Chad Jones, Harmony Central Review

Customer Feedback
  It suits my band and me better than any piece of gear I have ever used. All three channels are much more useable now. The amp packs a real punch. It's clean and tight, even with the gain maxed, and just gets sweeter the more you turn it up. - Nick Totoro, Harmony Central Review

Customer Feedback
  The tone on this amp on all three channels is fantastic. It is organic in the way it follows your pick attack. Subtle changes to the tone control on the guitar lead to new layers in the amp. When they are done this amp sounds great in every channel and will cut through better than just about any amp you've ever heard. - Jerry Gentry, Harmony Central Reviews

Customer Feedback  When I got the amp back, there was a definite improvement in the overall tone of the amp. Anyone I've shown this to just dropped their jaw because they never expected to hear those kind of sweet clean tones coming out of a Marshall. I don't know how Trace did it, but he did it. It's just amazing. This thing sounds AWESOME. IT'S WELL WORTH THE WAIT, IF THERE IS A WAIT AT ALL!!! - Harmony Central Review

Customer Feedback
  After the Voodoo Mod the difference was incredible, the response was fabulous. The recorded tone was identical to the sound clips on the website. I would strongly recommend the Standard mod and replacing the output transformer. I have been playing over 20 years and this is now the best amp I have ever owned. Voodoo is the only place to modify a TSL100 and make the whole amp more usable/professional. - Kevin, Harmony Central Reviews

Customer Feedback  The Voodoo Amp is a monster. I do mostly production/songwriting in Los Angeles and if you watch TV you've heard my music. - Jay, Harmony Central Review

Customer Feedback  The work done by Voodoo is top shelf. I looked over the chassis when I got it back and they clearly have worked on a lot of amps. Everything was done with the best in class practices and methods and it is all reversible.  This mod makes the TSL100 a smoking amp with exceptional tone and playability. What's more, you can tell those guys love what they are doing. The service they provide and their attitude says it all" - Jerry Gentry, Harmony Central Reviews

Customer Feedback  I love this amp. I play it almost everyday. I record it almost everyday. The Voodoo mod smoothes out the rough edges and adds a more vintage vibe to it. - Jerry, Harmony Central Review



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