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Live Rig Monday! - Voodoo Endorsee Wes Jeans playing the National Anthem at the Raceway in Tulsa OK with a very rare Voodoo Amps 'V-Plex' 2x12 combo (right) & a Voodoo 2x12' Sealed Cabinet (left).


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CUSTOM SHOP! – Here’s an awesome Custom HG-Jose Mod on a Marshall 1959 Hand Wired amp. This same Mod can be performed on a number of Marshalls. This Mod can be used for Blues, Classic / Hard Rock, 80's, 90's Modern Country & Metal tones! Features are;

  • Custom HG-Jose Mod
  • 'Gain-1' & 'Gain-2' Controls for added versatility
  • Push / Pull 'Gain' Boost located on Gain-1 control
  • Push / Pull 'Bright' switch located on Gain-1 control
  • 3-Position 'Gain' mini toggle switch for vintage to high gain tones
  • Additional Features are;
  • Push / Pull 'Bottom' control (push in = smooth & pulled out = tight)
  • Half Power switch - 50 & 100 watt settings
  • Voodoo's Tube Buffered FX-Loop
  • Footswitchable 'Solo' Master Volume controls, Rugged metal footswitch with Blue LED & 1/4" jack & Detachable footswtich cable
  • Voodoo Designed Mercury Magnetics Transformers
  • Brand new F&T Filter Caps
  • EL34 power tubes & 12AX7 preamp tubes

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Extremely Rare! – This is a one-of-a-kind Pre-Production Voodoo Witchdoctor that was born in 2003 & you’ll never see another logo like this as this is the only one! It recently made its way back to our shop for a check up & it was a blast from the past for us!

LOGO – Towards the end of 2002 we were experimenting with some different kinds of logos as we were trying to decide what kind of logo we wanted to use for our production models. We released a limited run of ‘badge’ style logos that appeared on a select few production models. The logo in this photo was a one-off concept from a local metal fabrication company located in Ithaca, NY. After much feedback we chose to go with the more popular ‘Circle-V’ logo, which we have been using ever since.

This amp is a one of a kind as it is contains a Heyboer power transformer, a Mercury Magnetics output transformer & a Fender style choke. This was the first & only amp that used a mixed transformer set. IE: After this amp was made we began exclusively using Mercury Magnetics transformers.

Hope you enjoy this pic!

Trace Davis – President / Founder


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Hand-Wired Custom HG-Jose Mod on a Laney AOR50! Here are some of the features;

  • 100% Hand Wired board & circuitry!
  • Our new 'Variac' gain oriented control pot - dial in more harmonics & gain
  • 3-position 'Voice' mini toggle switch for warmer, browner or edgier tones
  • 3-position 'Bright' mini toggle switch
  • 1/2 Power switch to go from 50 to 25 watts (located on rear panel)
  • Interrupt FX-Loop 
  • Our Bottom Control for bigger / extended bottom end (located on rear panel)
  • Regular Controls - Gain, Master, Bass, Mids, Treble, Presence
  • Custom Voodoo Mercury Magnetics Output Transformer 
  • JJ-6550/KT88 power tubes & 12AX7's

This amp excels at Blues, Rock, Modern Country, Hard Rock & Metal tones! You can pick these amps up cheap in your local market or off eBay! 



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Tommy Shaw's Live App Settings! - Here is a quick pic(s) of Tommy Shaw's Voodoo Modded amp settings. Please keep in mind that Tommy connects the amps to a Palmer PDI03 Speaker Emulator. His EQ settings change a bit from venue to venue and his Treble is not normally on 10.


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Live Rig Monday featuring the legendary Billy F. Gibbons of ZZ Top!  - Billy uses our Voodoo Platinum Modded Marshall JMP-1 preamps. The top one is to send a signal to Pro Tools as each show is recorded every night. The bottom JMP-1 is live & is the patch Billy uses all night. For a complete Rig-Rundown search our News pages achieves!

Hot Links -  Voodoo Amps Marshall JMP-1 Mods  /  Voodoo Amps JMP-1 Programs & Patches

Feel free to share this post & any others with your friends!

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Get your JCM800 Hand Wired! – This amp has been around the block & has the relic’ed look from years on the road. We removed the internal PCB (printed circuit board) & installed a hand wired board along with a 3-Position Bright switch for added versatility. This is available as a Custom Mod for $795, which includes a CapJob & the 3-Position Bright Switch! 

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We are often asked ‘How can you tell if a tube is shorted?’ Great question! If the tube is power white at the top like this one it has lost vacuum & it's time to replace the power tubes with a matched set. This is a bit more of a rarity thought it happens. A majority of the time tubes visually appear to be fine & light up though one could be internally shorted. We hope this helps in some small way & have a great day! – Voodoo Amps

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Voodoo Amps Live Rig Monday - Featuring a Platinum Modded Marshall JMP-1 preamp. This rig belongs to Bob McCarron. Check out our Marshall JMP-1 Mods & other Marshall Mods!

Email us your live rig & we'll feature it here & on our social media pages

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