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Suspending Modifications – Covid has brought about a great deal of change as well as on going challenges in every industry. For us supply chain issues has been an on going problem and we have been doing our best to manage it. A vast majority of the work we do is for the pros and we’ve tried to reserve approximately 10% for the general public.



After a 2 year break due to the pandemic all national and international touring artists are in preparations for 2023 as it is expected to be one of the busiest touring years in decades. Additionally in 2023 we will be releasing the high quality PCB equipped Dual Lead Series amp line. As such the demand on my time has never been greater and there is not enough of me to go around. As July 27th 2022 we are suspending Modifications to the public until further notice. We will be finalizing all in house orders by the end of December 2022. 



Modification Warranties are still 100% valid. Warranty claims will go through our good friend and all around amazing amp tech Mr. Lane Sparber who resides in Long Island, NY. 



On a personal note, I founded the company in 1998 out of a spare bedroom of an apartment with the modest goal of bringing Pro Tone to the public. Over the years we have pushed the envelope on the Modification Business and I am so very proud of the work we have done. We’ve established amazing relationships and in many cases forged life long friendships with so many of you that there simply aren’t words for how truly grateful I am for that. With extreme gratitude please let me say thank you for your continued support, it means everything to me and more. – Trace Davis, President / Founder


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