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Voodoo Amps V-Plex


Master Volume Series

25 watt $1795.00
50watt $1895.00
100watt $2295.00

Lead Time: 3-6 months from date of order 





"Never has an amp been shrouded in as much mystery as the infamous "Plexi" panel amps of the mid to late 60's. Decades worth of guitar Gods and players alike have considered the plexi to be the holy grail. Finding a plexi that sounds like the records is always difficult as well as costly. If you want a great sounding plexi without the disappointment - The Voodoo V-Plex is the answer!"


  • Hand crafted, built & assembled in the USA
  • 100% hand wired (no printed circuit boards)
  • Mercury Magnetics Custom Transformers
  • 1-Channel Design
  • Preamp Tubes: (3) 12AX7's
  • Power Tubes: EL34's - 50 & 100 watt models
  • Power Tubes: 6V6's - 25 watt models
  • Gain (preamp)
  • Master Volume
  • EQ - Bass, Mids, Treble & Presence
  • 4 - 1/4" Input Jacks
  • Pilot / Indicator Light
  • Power Switch
  • Standby Switch


  • Speaker Outputs: 2 - Heavy Duty 1/4" Jacks
  • 4, 8 & 16 Ohm Impedance Selector
  • Mains & HT Fuse Holders
  • Detachable 3-Prong Power Cord (IEC connector)


  • All components and parts are chosen for tone, feel and long term reliability
  • Customer Mercury Magnetics Transformers
  • Aluminum Chassis with Welded Corners
  • Rugged Handle
  • Warranty
  • Tolex - Black Levant 


Model L W H H w/feet
V-Plex 25 8.25" 26" 9" 9.75"
V-Plex 50 8.25" 26" 9" 9.75"
V-Plex 100   8.25"   29"    10.75"   11.75"      

Customize your amp! Tolex & Grill Cloth

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"Some of the most visceral, varied, and in-your-face guitar tones ever." - Guitar Player Magazine

Note: All amp models are properly broken-in on a proprietary designed Burn-In Rig that is equal to 100 hours of playing, effectively breaking in all internal parts & components. The tone is smoother, richer and more inspiring - No more waiting for the amp to break in!  

Customer Feedback  - "I have been playing many different tube amps for over 30 years in search of the perfect tone. My quest is finally over!! The V-Plex is the most articulate amp I have ever had the pleasure of playing. When paired with a solid 4x12 birch cabinet loaded with Celestion Heritage G12H’s it has the perfect Jimmy Page tone with unbelievable bark and growl. I am not sure exactly what Trace is doing, that those other guys seem to miss, but he really hit a home run with this one. My V-Plex has the Master Volume with a JTM45 mod. Thank you Trace for ending my search for the perfect amp. Alex, Ellicott City, Maryland"

Customer Feedback - "Tone is where this amp excels. It does all the classic plexi tones phenomenally. If you want to crank it to get that classic plexi amp grind it's there with killer tone to boot. If you want to run pedals in front of it the amp loves it. If you want killer tube amp tone whether it's vintage or modern with the use of pedals you can't go wrong with this amp." - Jason Rowland, NY

Customer Feedback  "2-words = tone monster. No pseudo-saturation here; very articulate bark and growl, immediate punch and well-balanced sonically. She's intentionally not designed for versatility but put it this way, if you are looking for the tone of an early Marshall/Park etc... she's got it all." - Donnie, Harmony Central Reviews

Customer Feedback  "This is the TONE KING of amps!!! I play blues, jazz, rock, and its all there in spades. The amp is very warm and clear with a HUGE crunch tone. Very touch sensitive. Chords ring out clear, no matter how much gain/volume you use. Jump the channels and I can get Duane Allman's tone on slide. This amps sounds great with pedals, and runs very quiet. I turned it all the way up with no feedback! The tone is truley unbelievable. Its dead on with the old marshall plexi's tone, and its brand new. I think good tone comes from your fingers, but with this amp you'll blow doors down!" - Bobabooey, Harmony Central Reviews

Customer Feedback  "This amp is about tone. It has a great blues/classic rock tone, and nails that Marshall Plexi tone with a jack hammer! Other amps claim to do it - countless other amps - this one actually does. The clean tone is clear and warm - if you want to go from classic rock gain to clean, just turn the volume down on your guitar a little. It really sounds beautiful. The overdrive tone has chunk, clarity, and thickness." - Jamie Roach, Harmony Central Reviews

Customer Feedback  "Not much fiddling around with this guy. I jump the channels, turn everything to 12:00, plug in my R8 Les Paul and there it is--that glorious Marshall swirl. Think early AC/DC crossed with Warren Haynes crossed with Pagey's live tone. Another nice thing about this setup is the amazing way this amp takes pedals. This amp is VERY touch sensitive--you truly have the ability to shape each note you play with your pick attack. For that classic Marshall tone, there is no amp on the market that could possibly outperform the V-Plex. It does what it's supposed to do perfectly." - Rick Loliko, Harmony Central Reviews


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