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2x12 Single Lead Unloaded Speaker Cabinets


 2X12 "Single Lead" Series - Unloaded


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DEALER Description   
$595.00  V212-UL (unloaded)                 




Lead time - Approximately 4-6 weeks
Custom Orders - Approximately 6-8 weeks


"We have studied the best sounding speaker cabinets in the world and have taken that to a higher level. We proudly offer a cabinet that is balanced, tight and responsive with superior projection." 




  • Out performs most 4x12's!
  • Easy to transport & carry
  • Hand-made in the USA
  • 100% 13 Grade Baltic Birch-Ply
  • No MDF, Particle or press board!
  • Rugged recessed miniature steel handles
  • Plastic corners for added protection
  • Proprietary internal design
  • Over sized design for improved performance 
  • Handles drop tunings & bottom end extremely well
  • Evenly balanced & focused
  • 16 Ohms mono or 8 Ohms stereo 
  • Photo shown with speakers
  • Cabinet will ship unloaded / without speakers
  • Tolex - Black Elephant
  • Grill Cloth - Black Matrix
  • Black & gold piping available - black piping shown
  • Weight: 55lbs
  • Dimensions:
    L=30" x H=24" x D=12"
  • Custom Tolex
  • Custom Grill Cloth     

 Custom tolex & grill cloth available - $100.00 upcharge



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