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Retube your amp while it's here!

Voodoo Amps™ carries a variety of tubes to meet your needs. We do not carry tubes that simply meet spec, but rather only stock tubes that test above spec. All of our tubes are properly burned-in on burn-in racks that we have designed. We then test, select and match  tubes. This increases reliability, tone and performance. Your tubes will sound better, feel better and will last longer!

Preamp Tubes

Power Tubes

Can you recommend the right tubes for me?  Yes we can advise you on which tubes will sound best for your amp based on the tone(s) you like.

Is there a charge to bias my amp?  There is a $35.00 bias & installation fee.

Can I send you tubes and will you install them?  Yes and there is a $35.00 service charge for bias and installation.

Do you warranty your tubes?  Yes, Ruby Tubes are warranted for 180 days / 6 months. All other tube brands are warranted for 90 days / 3months.  


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