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Voodoo Amp Mods

   Standard Mods & Upgrades


2100 100 Watt

Marshall SL-X 2100 'Mick Jones Mod'   
Standard Mod™
Deluxe Mod 
Platinum Mod  $1067.00

CapJob  $149.00


  Standard Mod™  $295.00
Circuitry Modifications


  • All Modifications are exclusive to Voodoo Amps®  
  • Factory defect is permanently resolved
  • Channel 1 - Cleans
  • Cleans are cleaner & more open
  • Tone is more open & clear
  • Channel 2 - Gain Tones
  • All gain is useable
  • Gain control is more flexible
  • Gain tones are smoother
  • Improved harmonic content
  • Increased sustain, notes will not die out as early
  • Feel is smoother, more fluid & easier to play
  • Bending & vibrato'ing is much easier
  • 10ga strings feel like 8's or 9's
  • Transitioning from string to string is smoother & more consistent
  • Master Volumes work much better at lower settings
  • EQ section is more active & responsive
  • Amp will cut through & sit in the mix much better live as well as in the recording studio
  • All features & functions still operate the same
  • Factory Defect
  • No more trips to the repair shop to fix the same problem over & over
  • We have designed a permanent solution thus resolving the problem
  • This involves installing a hand wired board with added circuitry
  • For more info click on the 'Mod FAQ's' button at the top right of the screen
  • Additional Notes
  • Voodoo Mods™ retain your amps resale value verses decreasing it
  • Got questions? Click on the 'Mod FAQ's' button at the top right of the screen


  Deluxe Mod™  $629.00
Includes Standard Mod™ & Output Transformer

Description / Specs:

  • Includes Standard Mod™ (see Standard Mod™ above)
  • Includes Upgraded VA-MICKJONES-O Voodoo-Designed™ Output Transformer
  • $279.00 & Reg $55.00 Installation fee (included) 
  • Superior reliability over stock output transformer
  • Enhanced quality / depth of tone 
  • Increased sustain
  • Effortless Pinch / artificial harmonics
  • Greatly improved articulation & definition
  • Improved bass response
  • Increased even-order harmonics (IE: sounds much more musical)
  • Increased headroom


   Platinum Modification™  $1067.00 
Standard Mod™  + Power, Output & Choke Transformers = Platinum Mod

Description / Specs:

  • The Platinum Mod™  is the very best we offer! 
  • Includes Upgraded VA-MICKJONES-P Voodoo-Designed™ Power Transformer
  • $279.00 & $80.00 Installation fee (included) 
  • 120VAC 60Hz Operation
  • Includes Upgraded VA-MICKJONES-C Voodoo-Designed™ Choke Transformer
  • $49.00 & $30.00 Installation fee (included) 
  • Removes unwanted graininess in the upper mids / top end
  • Mids are perfectly focused
  • Lows are much deeper / richer & never floppy or tubby
  • Improved touch response
  • Ultimate performance & tone
  • Improved reliability and power regulation  
  • Greatly reduced noise and hum 
  • Greatly improved feel & tone 
  • Vastly increased sustain - leads are much more liquid like & fluid
  • Much smoother feel & easier to play
  • Massive rhythm tones - when you hit a chord it's there immediately
  • A must for touring musicians, engineers/producers & tone junkies alike!
  • Platinum Mod™ gives you the very best tone, feel and performance possible 


  Platinum Mod™  $1067.00  International Customers!
Standard Mod™  + Power, Output & Choke Transformers = Platinum Mod

  • Same pricing & specs USA Platinum Mod
  • No need for step-up transformers that can harm your amp!
  • Important - Please notate your AC voltage in the Notes Section of the Mod-Form™
  • Save money! Buy from Ebay USA, have it shipped directly to us & we will ship it you!
  • Save money on shipping! We offer several shipping options, please Email us for an estimate


"Get inspired - Upgrade your tone now!" 


Voodoo Amps® is the Leader in Tube Amp Mods & Upgrades

Pricing, features & specifications subject to change without notice


"This is the same Mod we designed for Mick Jones of Foreigner! Can be used for Modern Blues, Rock, Modern Country, Hard Rock & Metal!" 

Mick is using the Modded amp as is the guitarist on stage right




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