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Mod FAQ's - Senes Mods


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How does this differ from the stock tone  In Steve Senes' own Words - "People often ask me what the difference is between my Senes modded JCM2000’s and their stock counterparts. While’d I’d like to be able to give them a short & sweet answer the fact is that this mod isn’t just a simple little tweak - it’s basically a full on reshaping of many (if not all) the tonal aspects of the amp:

The Clean channel is more ‘Fender-y’, much more pleasing to the ear and playable. Big rich low end, sparkling highs and capable of crystal clear, bell-like tones.

The Crunch channel is similar to a JCM800 but with a good bit more gain and HUGE balls! Pure rock tone, from lighter gain classic rock tones to full on Armageddon crunch!

The Lead channel is just pure singing lead tone. Rich, well rounded tone, as much gain on tap as any amp I’ve played through, and it’s all usable! Sustain for days! On many amps I’ve used, there is plenty of available gain but once you get past a certain point on the gain knob, it’s grainy or mushy, just a waste. With the Senes Mod, there’s more gain on tap than the stock amps and even with the gain dime'd the amp still retains it’s clarity.

On both my TSL100 and DSL100 the various channels and modes are much better matched to one another. Because of the channels’ shared EQ, many people find the DSL impossible to use as a live channel switching amp because what sounds good for the clean or crunch channel EQ wise may not work for the Lead channel, and vice versa. With the Senes Mod, Trace has managed to make all three channels (Clean, Classic Crunch and Lead) sound great with just one EQ setting.

Additionally I find the tone controls on all channels feel a good bit more responsive and tuned better if that makes sense - more usable all the way around!

The only downside I can think of is that now I’m ruined for off the shelf amps, I can’t just walk into a guitar shop and buy an amp and dig it, it’s gotta have that Voodoo magic!!!!!" - Steve Senes


DSL & TSL - What power tubes were used on the Senes Video Clips  EL34 power tubes were used in the DSL & TSL video clips  The Mod was also designed & voiced around EL34's.

DSL - Is there more gain on OD1 once it's Modded  Yes there is more gain & sustain on both OD1 & OD2.

I use either a clean boost pedal or overdrive pedal in front of the amp now, will I still need to use that with the Mod  No, there is not need to use a pedal to 'smooth up' the amp or tighten the low end as the Mod addresses both issues. 


Last Updated: Dec 29, 2014

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