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Voodoo Amps® Mid-Slice Control™  


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Description / Specs:

  • Exclusive to Voodoo Amps®
  • Recommend for Blues, Rock & Metal / Heavy tones
  • Brings out natural & pinch harmonics like never before!
  • Hear all the nuances of the pick hitting the strings 
  • Smooth & fun to play on!
  • Dial in the perfect amount of upper midrange bite for your personal tastesl
  • Can be added to front of rear of chassis - Drilling may/may not be required
  • Location of control(s) is dependant on model of amp
  • Added control pot & knob
  • Can be added to front of rear of chassis - Drilling may be required
  • Location of control(s) is dependant on model of amp - Email with questions
  • To upgrade to this control feature please add to "notes section" of Mod-Form 
  • Save $10.00! Purchase 2 or more Add-On features & save $10.00 on each feature


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Customer Feedback  "I'm a major fan of George Lynch's tone on the older Dokken records. I got the HG-Jose Mod (which I highly recommend) and when I turn the Mid-Slice up it nails that signature Lynch midrange you hear on those records! The Global control should come on every amp made so get that too! Thanks for the kickass tones, Voodoo ROCKS!!!" - Ralph Tempesta, CA

Customer Feedback  "I've always had a hard time getting the pinch harmonics to come out. I've used all kinds of pickups, even EMGs but nothing worked as good as this. I can't believe how much better the upper mids cut now, totally worth it!" - Ed Smith, IA

Customer Feedback  "OMG this freakin' rules! No more murky midrange and I can get the pick squeals to come out, I don't use super hot pickups but with the Duncan JB in the bridge of my Les Paul and Strats the Mid-Slice is perfect. My band mainly plays rock and metal from the 80s to the 90s and this control is exactly what I was looking for on my JCM800." - Joey Lombardi, IA

Customer Feedback  "I went with the JCM800 High-Gain Mod, the Bottom,Global & the Mid-Slice. Between these 3 controls I can make the amp sound a million different ways. Anyone who's gigged a lot knows how different each room sounds. Night after night I can ALWAYS dial in the sweet spot in any room we are playing. I've used this in the studio to track our last record and the tones I got were insane. These controls are worth their weight in gold as far as I'm concerned!" - John Buckner, TN

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