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You Are Here:   Modifications ... AMP MODIFICATIONS - Manufacture Page ... Marshall Mods ... Marshall JCM800 1-CH Series Mods ... Marshall JCM800 2203 Mods ... Marshall JCM800 2203 HG-Jose Mod

   Standard, Deluxe, Platinum "HG-Jose" Mods & FX-Loop Upgrades 


Marshall JCM800 2203 "High Gain" Jose Mods
Standard Mod™  $395.00  
Deluxe Mod™  $719.00  
Platinum Mod™  $1157.00  
Platinum  Mod™
 $1157.00  International Customers!  
Interrupt Fx-Loop Mod™  $99.00
Tube Buffered Fx-Loop Mods™ 
1 & 2



"Perfect for shred-players & fans of legendary 80's players like Sykes, Lynch, Dimartini, EVH - Tons of tone!!" 


  Standard Mod™  $395.00
Circuitry Modifications

Description / Specs:

  • The famous High-Gain Jose Arrendondo Modification!
  • 100% pure Marshall hot-rodded tones at your finger tips
  • Pinch harmonics are are effortless - Zakk fans will love it!
  • Endless liquid-like sustain
  • Easier to bend & vibrato - you will no longer have to fight the amp!
  • EQ section is much more active, responsive & musical
  • Brighter or warmer / browner tones can be dialed in via EQ adjustments 
  • Deeper / richer bottom end - All you will ever need is at your disposal 
  • Mids are very focused & cut through with ease
  • Increased harmonic detail & complexity
  • The tone is more inspiring, smoother & more fun to play on
  • Applicable for all JCM800 2203 models (vertical & horizontal inputs) 
  • Recommended Add-On Controls: Gain Boost Switch (installed in place of an input jack), Bottom Control, Global™ Control, Mid-Boost switch or our Voodoo-Exclusive Mid-Girth™ Control Pot!
  • Please list "HG-Jose Mod" in the notes section of the Mod-Form
  • Voodoo Mods™ retain your amps resale value verses decreasing it
  • Perfect for shred players & fans of Sykes, Lynch, DiMartini, etc 


  Deluxe Mod™  $719.00 
Output transformer upgrade to the Standard Mod™

Description / Specs:

  • Includes Standard Mod™ (see above)
  • Includes Upgraded Mercury Magnetics VA-JOSE100-O Voodoo-Designed™ Output Transformer
  • $269.00 & $55.00 Installation fee (included) 
  • Vastly increased sustain - leads are much more liquid like & fluid
  • Effortless Pinch / artificial harmonics
  • Greatly improved articulation & definition
  • Increased / richer bass response
  • Increased even-order harmonics (IE: sounds much more musical)
  • Massive rhythm tones - when you hit a chord it's there immediately
  • Increased headroom (cleans stay cleaner & louder at gigging/stage volumes)
  • Bottom Line - The Deluxe Mod™ will give you the best tone possible


  Platinum Modification™  $1157.00  
Upgrade to Deluxe Modification

Description / Specs:

  • Includes Deluxe Mod™ (see above)
  • Includes Upgraded Mercury Magnetics VA-JOSE100-PMVL Voodoo-Designed™ Power Transformer
  • $289.00 & $80.00 Installation fee (incluede)
  • Includes switching taps for footswitchable Solo-Boost!
  • Includes Upgraded Mercury Magnetics VA-JOSE-C Voodoo-Designed™ Choke
  • $49.00  & $20.00 Installation fee (included)
  • 120V, 220V & 240V AC Operation 
  • Superior performance & reliability 
  • Improved power regulation
  • Greatly reduced noise and hum
  • Greatly improved feel & tone
  • Smoother feel & easier to play
  • A must for touring musicians, engineers and producers!
  • Platinum Mod™ will give you the best tone, feel and performance
  • Note - Includes accessory winding for footswitchable Solo-Boost Master Volume!


  Platinum Mod™  $1157.00  International Customers!
Power & Choke Transformer Upgrade to Deluxe Mod

Description / Specs:

  • No need for step-up transformers that can harm your amp!
  • Includes Deluxe Mod™ (see above)
  • Includes Upgraded Mercury Magnetics VA-JOSE100-PMVL Voodoo-Designed™ Power Transformer
  • $289.00 & $80.00 Installation fee (included) 
  • Includes Upgraded Mercury Magnetics VA-JOSE-C Voodoo-Designed™ Choke
  • $49.00 & $20.00 Installation fee (included) 
  • 120V, 220V & 240V AC Operation 
  • Other voltages available upon request
  • Superior performance & reliability
  • Improved power regulation  
  • Greatly reduced noise and hum 
  • Greatly improved feel & tone 
  • Smoother feel & easier to play
  • A must for touring musicians, engineers and producers!
  • Platinum Mod™ will give you the best tone, feel and performance
  • Note - Includes accessory winding for footswitchable Solo-Boost!  
  • Save money! Buy from Ebay USA, have it shipped directly to us & we will ship it you!
  • Save money on shipping! We offer several shipping options, please Email us for an estimate!


  Upgrade to Series FX-Loop Mod™  starting at $99.00! 

  • Three (3) Series FX-Loop's to choose from! 
  • Interrupt FX-Loop No circuitry added
  • Voodoo Tube Buffered FX-Loop Highest quality Pro Loop (no level controls)
  • Voodoo Tube Buffered FX-Loop XL Highest quality Pro Loop with Send & Return level controls!
  • Completely transparent
  • Improved tone over parallel loops
  • For use with effect pedals & rack mounted units
  • Two (2) input jacks on the right can be used for Send & Return Jacks - no drilling required
  • Send & Return Level controls are installed on rear of chassis - drilling required



"Get inspired - Upgrade your tone now!" 

Voodoo Amps® is the Leader in Tube Amp Mods & Upgrades

Pricing, features & specifications subject to change without notice

  "We have countless Mods that we have designed & will be adding them to the site daily!"

If you do not see your amp listed here please call (607-256-0465) or email us!  


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