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Mod Process & FAQs



  • We enjoy working with our customers and we want to help you improve your tone.
  • If we do not feel we can get you what you are looking for, we will honestly let you know that.
  • We specialize in getting cranked tones at lower volume levels so that you will not have to crank your amp to extreme volume levels to get the tone you want.
  • All of us here at Voodoo Amps® record and play out live in the clubs so we fully realize that you need to get a great tone at regular stage volumes.



Recognize your desire to improve or advance your tone
Read this page, think of songs that have the tone(s) you want, think realistically as well as honestly about your gear and then talk to us
Send us your amp with the completed Mod-Form™ taped under the amp handle
We modify your amp and ship back to you
You rock!

This is what goes into our designs when modifying your amplifier

"Everyone here at Voodoo Amps® has been involved in the music industry for a long, long time. We have years of experience as recording engineer/producer, session guitarist, gigging and playing out extensively along with logging thousands of hours in recording studios. We still play regularly and we use the products we sell and work on." Trace Davis - Founder / President, Voodoo Amps®

  • Our pricing reflects years of tube amp playing, design, modification and consultation.
  • Players — our knowledge comes from many years of gigging live as well as being session guitarists. We continue to play daily.
  • Tone-focused Design — our circuits capture the tones we know and love from experience on both sides of the glass (recording & playing live).
  • Modification — your amp has to sound good under a microphone as well as at real life stage volumes when gigging.
  • Consultation — talk to us about tone, we advise professionals everyday.
  • Unsurpassed customer service.



We want to make sure you are 100% happy!

  • You're family — in the noble quest for tone we are all family. It doesn't matter if you are playing sold-out arenas, playing the club scene or just playing for your own enjoyment.
  • Emails — We try to reply to emails with as much detail as possible but we also receive between 75-100 emails a day so to ensure that we fully understand the tones you want to achieve please call us at the shop so we can talk with you more in depth.
  • Stay abreast — if you have questions, please feel free to give us a call.607-256-0465
  • Ah, satisfaction — We want you to be 100% happy when you get your amp back! If we feel that we cannot honestly achieve what you are looking for we will decline to perform the work

Honesty is the best policy — it's the only way we do business.



It's so easy!

Do I have to include the Mod-Form™? – A Mod-Form™ must accompany each item being shipped to Voodoo Amps®. Note: We Mod a great deal of amplifier makes/models, as such we have one Universal Mod-Form™. Let's make it easy! We will fill out the Mod Form™ for you and email it to (free-of-charge). Call 607-256-0465 Mon-Fri 9am 5pm EST (NY time)

What if I purchase an item off eBay?
1.) Instruct seller to place your name on the outside of the package where it is clearly visible
2.) Call us with the tracking number 
3.) Fax / email the completed Mod-Form™ to us - Fax# (607) 330-0272 
3.) Faxing info - We ask that you please call us to confirm your information - No work can begin until info is confirmed.

Do I have to type out the info? – Yes. Hand written forms can be difficult at best to read. Call us and we will fill out the Mod Form for you as well as email you a copy for your records.

You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this form. If you do not have it, fear not, you can get it for free here.



What do I do after I've shipped my amp? – Call us with the tracking number and we'll do the rest - this will let us know when your amp is scheduled to arrive.

How do I know when my amp has been delivered to you? – Your tracking number will confirm the date and time of delivery. UPS , FedEx , DHL

What happens when my amp arrives? – We take digital photos as we unpack each item in case damage has occurred in shipping. If damage has occurred a Voodoo Amps® representative will notify you immediately and email you a PDF file of the unpacking process.

Will you test my amp before modifying it? – We first audio test every item - we then test all main functions to ensure they are working properly - Once we have confirmed item is in perfect working order we then Modify.

Transformers - If you are having a Deluxe or Platinum Mod performed; We do charge you for the cost of the transformers up front as this helps us to speed the process along. 

Do you give daily updates? – We are ranked as the largest Modification company in the world and modify 350-450 amps a year. In order to keep turn around times as short as possible we forego daily updates.

What if I have questions? – Call the shop (607)-256-0465 - it's the fastest and easiest way to get in touch with us.

What if my amp needs new tubes? – Once the modifications have been completed we will test and asses tone of your tubes. If we feel your amp sounds better with new/different tubes we will call you and make recommendations accordingly.

Will I get a receipt? – An itemized receipt & packing slip will be attached to the outside of the package. This is considered your original sales receipt and is the only receipt that is accepted for warranty claims.

Will I get a tracking number? – Yes, tracking numbers are automatically emailed to you. If you do not receive your tracking number in email please check your spam & junk email folders. You are also welcome to call us Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM EST (NY time) at 607-256-0465


Where do I find the security code on my credit or debit card? - For Visa, MasterCard & Discover it is located on the back. It is a 3-digit number followed by 4 numbers. For American Express/Amex it is a 4 digit number on the front of the card. See example

What if my amp needs to be re-capped? – If your amp needs to be re-capped we can accommodate your needs and only stock high quality filter capacitors. Pricing varies from $79.95 to $299.95 (prices vary depending on make/model of your amp, number / type of caps, etc). If your amp needs to be re-capped we must do this before any modifications are performed - No exceptions.

How often do I need to recap my amp? – To avoid tonal degradation, unwanted hum and noise or potential failure in the power supply your amp should be re-capped once every 10 years.

What do your modifications entail? – Modifications include but are not limited to; Revising and/or improving existing circuitry, installing additional circuitry, re-designing circuitry and/or upgrading key components/parts for improved reliability and performance. Voodoo Designed Modifications are 100% safe, fully serviceable/reversible and in many instances increase tube life. We take pride in quality craftsmanship and our work is among the cleanest in the industry.

Note: Modification prices do not include;

  • Repairing an amplifier, IE: repairing damaged traces on PC boards, etc.
  • De-modding an already existing Mod within the amp
  • Faulty or worn out components
  • Replacing microphonic or otherwise faulty / bad pre-amp and / or power tubes
  • Replacing faulty tubes
  • Re-tubes / installing new tubes
  • Shipping & handling costs

Important  Your amp should be in 100% perfect working order before you ship the amp to us unless otherwise agreed upon in advance. We schedule workNote; repairs will lengthen turn around times. tightly in order to keep the turn around time to a minimum. We offer repairs to a variety of units and in most cases we can repair your unit. Repairs are not included in Modification prices and is a flat rate of $100.00 an hour plus cost of parts - If any repairs are required we will advise you before any work is started. Note; repairs will lengthen turn around times.

If I do not like the mod will you convert the amp back to stock for free? - We do not give refunds on modifications and nor do we convert amps back to their stock form free of charge. Please make sure this is what you want before you ship your amp. If you have any questions or concerns please call us first.

What is the difference? – After the break in process the lows are deeper / richer, mids are more focused / clear, highs are more open / round, the tone is smoother / easier to play, sustain is increased and the over all tone is much more three dimensional.

For more information on audio break in please visit the following link 1 and link 2.



Features, specifications & pricing subject to change without notice.


"Get inspired - upgrade your tone now!" 


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IMPORTANT: Please read this page prior to shipping your amp  



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