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This amp was original manufactured for use in Europe & came with the male Bulgin AC receptacle for AC power as well as the Bulgin ‘Push-In’ connector for the AC voltage Selector & Speaker Impedance Selector.

The Speaker Impedance selector was very loose & too brittle to re-tension the sockets so we hard wired the amp for use with 8ohm or 16ohms cabinets. We also hard wired the amp for 120v use here in the States. We properly labeled the Speaker Jacks as well as the Fuse Holders, etc as the silk screening was wearing off, which is common on older 70’s Marshalls.

This amp had been through a couple of techs & was an amalgamation of a Super Bass meets a Super Lead. She was in need of some well deserved TLC & after a fair amount of clean up work, new Screen Grid resistors, improving the ground scheme, new power tubes, re-tensioning / cleaning the sockets, restoring it to a 1987 Super Lead circuit & restructuring the internal voltages, she sounds & feels amazing just like what you hear on the classic records!

She’s ready for active duty again & will provide years worth of amazing pro quality tone & will be featured on the up coming Red Dragon Cartel record featuring Jake E Lee!


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