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Please help spread the good word to all the dealers you know that Voodoo Amps will be exhibiting at Summer Namm & we are looking to set up dealers! Help us bring Voodoo to your hometown dealer! 

You can join us at Summer Namm or watch online! – We are exhibiting at the Summer Namm Tradeshow in Nashville June 23-25! We will be offering live broadcast coverage via Voodoo Amps Facebook page & a list of scheduled broadcast times will be posted here shortly.

We are officially debuting (2) new amp models as well as our 1x12” Iso-Cabs & a new 2x12” cabinet design along with our standard 4x12” Series! -

We are officially debuting the following;

  • Richard Fortus (GnR) Signature Series 'R4-Single' & matching 4x12" with (2) G12H's & (2) Golds
  • 'Mid-Drive' Single Lead with (2) matching 2x12 cabinets (new smaller 2x12 design!) with G12H's in 1 cab & Vintage 30 & G12T75 in the other cab
  • 'V-Plex' Single Lead & matching 4x12" with G12H's
  • V-Rock' Single Lead & matching 4x12" with (2) Vintage 30's & (2) G12T-75's
  • 'V-Rock' 3-Channel 
  • IsoCab 1x12" set up & ready to demo!
  • PCB's - All amps are equipped with extremely high quality printed circuit boards which were not only designed for pro quality tone & feel but also to make servicing as easy as possible.
  • Tube Buffered Effects Loop - All models feature onboard Tube Buffered FX-Loop, with the exception of the V-Plex. 4-Channel models due out in 3 months.

Stay tuned for sneak-previews shortly! Please help us spread the word by sharing this post or graphics on your social media pages & with your favorite dealers. We truly THANK YOU for your support & we look forward to bring you the best tone & feel possible!
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