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BILLY GIBBONS TONE SETTINGS! - Here are the settings to Billy Gibbons' Voodoo Amps Platinum Modded Marshall JMP-1 preamp! We want to encourage everyone to watch the following Rig Rundown video 1st before trying the settings (scroll ahead to 17:23 for the amp rig rundown).

We have Modified approximately 11 preamps for Mr. Gibbons & it is the exact same Mod we perform we offer to everyone on our website!

Billy Gibbons Settings - Settings provided by Voodoo Amps President Trace Davis when he was on the road with ZZ Top in Nov 2012 & Sept 2013. Settings notated are the same settings as featured in the video above.

Volume: 18
Gain: 16
Bass: 6
Middle: 2
Treble: -1
Presence: -3
Effect -12
OD2 - On
Bass Shift - Off
Output Level Control: 12:00

"We would very much like to send a big thank you the mighty Elwood Francis & the Reverend Billy F.Gibbons for allowing us to post these settings for everyone!!"

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