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Tone Description


  G12A 8 & 16ohm - $239.00  The G12A is a 12" alnico speaker with a seamed cone. It's comparable to the WGS G12C, but with more chime in the top end. Alnico magnet, 75 watt   


G12C 8 & 16ohm - $109.00  The G12C is a 12" ceramic speaker with a 30 oz motor and seamed cone. It's comparable to the Jensen C12n. However, our speaker has a warmer sound and more depth in the tone. Ceramic magnet, 75 watt 


Black & Blue 8 & 16ohm - $240.00  The 12" Black & Blue™ alnico speaker sets a new standard for alnico performance. Clean and clear upper mids and highs, warm lower mids, and bass that will be felt by everyone in the room. This speaker is the perfect upgrade for your VOX™ AC30 or AC15 amp. Alnico magnet, 15 watt 


BlackHawk 8 & 16ohm - 240.00  The 12” BlackHawk™ alnico speaker has finally arrived! Now your 1x12” 30-50 watt amp can really rock. This guitar speaker will give your amp pristine top end, tight mids, and all just the right amount of warmth and bottom end. This speaker is the 50 watt version of the 12” Black & Blue alnico. This 50 watt version has more low end than its 15 watt cousin. This speaker is the perfect upgrade for your VOX™ AC30. Drop in replacement for Celestion™ Gold™ alnico speaker. Alnico magnet, 50 watt 


BlackHawk HP 8 & 16ohm - $249.00  The high-power 12” BlackHawk™ alnico speaker has arrived! Now your 1x12” 100 watt amp can really purr.... This guitar speaker will give your amp pristine top end, tight mids, and all just the right amount of warmth and bottom end. Drop in replacement for EV™ SRO™ speaker. Alnico magnet, 100 watt   


British Lead 8 & 16ohm - $120.00  The 12” British Lead™ guitar speaker is tonally superior to Celestion's™ Classic Lead™ speaker. The result is a less "chirpy" and more articulate top end. This speaker is ready to play out of the box and just gets better with age. 80watt 


ET65 8 & 16ohm - $109.00  The 12" ET65's creamy lows blend with tight midrange and sparkling highs for some of the best tones ever created. This speaker is for classic rock, country, and blues. Upgrade from your Celestion™ G12-65. Possibly the best WGS speaker combination we can recommend is the ET65 paired with a Veteran 30™. Your cabinet will sound more full and colorful than you ever imagined. If you are putting together a 4x12 cab, we suggest either an "X" pattern or the ET65's on top of the Veteran 30's. 65watt  

Green Beret 8 & 16ohm - $109.00   The 12” Green Beret™ guitar speaker brings crunchy cone breakup, growling bass, great headroom, and aggressive mids together better than any other 25 watt speaker. Upgrade for Celestion™ G12M Greenback™. 25watt    


HM75 8 & 16ohm - $120.00  The 12” HM75™ guitar speaker is the WGS drop in replacement for Celestion™ G12T-75™. Our upgraded version has a warmer tone with more aggressive midrange. 75watt    


Invader 50 8 & 16ohm - $110.00 The Invader 50 is our sweeter and creamier version of our hugely popular Green Beret.  It retains all the same great rock and roll character with just a little sweeter top end and breakup.  The beefed up coil means you can now use it with higher wattage amps. 50watt


Liberator 80 8 & 16ohm- $140.00  With the Liberator 80, we took our classic ET65 and fattened up the midrange. This speaker has a lot of punch and presence. A speaker that definitely won't get lost in the mix. We also, beefed up the coil to handle up to 80 watts. 80watt


Reaper 30 8 & 16ohm - $120.00  The 12” Reaper™ guitar speaker is a DROP IN REPLACEMENT for Celestion™ G12H30 Anniversary Edition. This speaker sounds like a Green Beret on steroids. Cone breakup does not occur as early as the Green Beret. This speaker sounds great mixed with a Green Beret, Veteran 30, or by itself. 30watt


Reaper 55hz 8 & 16ohm - $120.00  The 12” Reaper™ 55hz guitar speaker is a drop in replacement for Celestion's G12H30 Heritage Edition. The cone used in this speaker is sometimes referred to as a bass cone because of the lower resonant frequency.  With this speaker, you will have a noticeably toned down top end, a rich bottom, & more blending between the notes. 30 (or 50) watt  


Reaper HP 8 & 16ohm - $120.00  The 12” high power Reaper™ is designed to go where the 30 watt version couldn't. If you want a good clean tone with just the right amount of breakup at medium-high volume, then this is your speaker. This 50 watt version is both warmer and more powerful than the 30 watt version. 50watt 

  Retro 30 8 & 16ohm - $120.00  The 12” Retro 30™ speaker is a brighter and more articulate version of the WGS Veteran 30™ speaker. The Retro 30™ also boasts deeper and tighter bottom end. This speaker is extremely versatile and comes alive on the dirty channel. For those who love to mix speakers, you should pair this with the Reaper™. 75watt    

 Veteran 30 8 & 16ohm - $120.00  The 12” Veteran 30™ speaker from WGS is tonally superior to Celestion's™ Vintage 30™ speaker. The tonal improvement is in the upper-mids. The Veteran 30™ speaker has smoothed out the upper-mid "spike" notorious in the Vintage 30™ speaker. 60watt  




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