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Packing & Shipping Info

 International Shipping Info & FAQs


How much do you charge to pack and box my amp? – Amp heads are $55.00 & double-box according to all carrier's guidelines. Preamps are $40.00. Pricing for combo amps is dependent on size, weight and availability of properly rated boxes.

Note: In accordance with FedEx guidelines all amps are double-boxed and packed like a tank! The head is wrapped in 2-3 inches of large bubble wrap and put in the inner box. Inner boxes consist of; two (2) 12" or 14" corrugated boxes by a bed of heavy duty peanuts. Outer boxes consist of; two (2) 16" or 18" 275lb test, double wall boxes. All boxes are sealed with heavy duty 3.5 mil packing tape with a tinsel strength of 40lbs per inch (highest quality) to ensure safe arrival. Proper safety/handling stickers are applied to packages as necessary. Prices may very slightly depending on size/weight, etc.

What is your shipping address? – Our shipping address is; Voodoo Amplification Inc.
12 Verizon Lane, Lansing, NY 14882, Tel 607-256-0465.

How much does it cost to ship my amp to you? - Pricing varies based on the following;
1.) If package is being delivered to a business or residence 
2.) Final weight of package
3.) Dimensions of the package 
4.) Distance package is traveling
5.) Insured value of package

What do I need to do before I pack and ship my amp?  You will need to include the proper form(s) with your amp. The Mod-Form, Upgrade-Form and/or Repair-Form.  For more information please visit the following page for the service you wish to use; Mod Process & FAQs Upgrade Process & FAQs page or the Repair & Service page.

How much should I insure my amp for?  It is recommended to insure each item for the full replacement value. This is labeled either "Declared Value" or "Insured Value" on the shipping documents. For International customers this value should not impact the total cost of duties/taxes or import fees for International Shipments arriving to or from the USA. For more information we recommend contacting the Customs Department in your country as the rules and guidelines vary from country to country.   

How much does insurance cost?  The 1st $100.00 worth of insurance is free of charge. After the first $100.00 it is $0.70 USD for each $100.00 (or portion of $100.00) of the total value declared, with a minimum charge of $2.10 USD.


Insured Value USD Your Cost        
$100.00 $0.00
$200.00 $2.10
$300.00 $2.10
$400.00 $2.80
$500.00 $3.50
$1500.00 $10.50
$2500.00 $17.50







For return shipments from Voodoo Amps to you - Please notate the dollar amount on the Mod-Form for what you want us to insure your package for return shipment. 

Can I pack & ship my amp myself? – You can pack and ship your amp yourself and we recommend that you educate yourself on the proper guidelines for preparing and packing amps. 

Important  FedEx will only honor damage claims for items that meet the FedEx packing guidelines. IE: If your amp is not packed properly FedEx will deny the claim. Please read the FedEx Resources provided below.

FedEx Resources:


FedEx Store Locator!


What do I do after I've shipped my amp? – Call us with the tracking number (607-256-0465) & we'll do the rest – it’s just that easy!

How do I know when my amp has been delivered to you? – Your tracking number will confirm the time and date of delivery. Click on one of the link for your appropriate carrier, paste your tracking number into the field and you can see the status of your package at any given time! UPS  FedEx  DHL  

Can you use the same box/packing materials to return ship my amp? – In accordance with the UPS guidelines it must be the original manufacture’s box, contain the original manufacture’s packing materials and the box must be in new/like new condition. If it is not we must use new boxes and packing materials – no exceptions. 

Can I ship my amp to you through USPS? – Yes you can though we do not recommend it as you cannot accurately track package(s) while in transit and in most cases it takes months to resolve an insurance claim.

Can you return ship my amp to me through USPS? – We do not ship through the United States Post Office as a.) we cannot accurately track your package(s) once it has left the United States boarders b.) It has been our experience that claims for lost or damaged items have seldom been honored. As such we exclusively ship through UPS and you can track your package the entire time that it is in transit to you. 

Guide To International Shipping - For shippers with little or no international shipping experience, this guide covers everything you need to know about sending an international shipment with FedEx, outlined in eight easy-to-follow steps.

When shipping the item to me will you include a copy of the original weight bill? - Yes, in an effort to keep duties/import taxes to a minimum the original weight bill/shipping label will be attached to the outside of the package and will be marked as such. Duties/taxes are often waived or lowered with the inclusion of the original weigh bill. Terms and conditions may very. For more information please consult with the customs department in the country you reside in or the country the package is being shipped to.

Note - This is only applicable for packages shipped to Voodoo Amps from countries outside of the USA (IE: Canada, etc). It is not applicable if you are purchasing an item within the USA and having the item shipped to us.

Duties & Taxes (import/export) – All duties/taxes for import and export are the sole responsibility of the customer. Packages must be marked as “Free Domicile.” You must also select the proper option on your customs paper work that specifies Shipper (you) pays all charges (also referred to as "Free Domicile"). Please check the appropriate service guide or contact your local UPS office for country specific billing information.

Transit Times - Transit times we provide via phone/email are estimated as transit times are contingent upon customs in your country. Voodoo Amps nor the carrier (IE: UPS, FedEx, Concordia, etc) have no control over customs in your country and therefore are in no way responsible for extended transit times. IE: If customs wishes to hold your package for any reason there is nothing Voodoo Amps nor the carrier can do.

Processing Fee - If we are billed for duties/taxes and/or import fees a processing fee of $50.00 will be charged to your credit/debit card as well as the amount of duties/taxes. To avoid this charge please make sure that the package and the customs paper work (IE: payment of charges) is properly prepared – no exceptions. 


Warranty Claims/Repairs - Include the following on the outside of the package.   

  • Copy of the receipt / invoice for the work you had performed
  • Receipt is located on the outside of the package in a clear water proof envelope titled "Invoice Enclosed"
  • Copy of the shipping label/weight bill
  • Shipping label/weigh bill is located on the outside of the package we shipped to you
  • Copy of the RMA form that we emailed to you
  • Clearly mark "Warranty Repair" & the RMA# on the outside of the box. We recommend using a black Sharpie Marker.
  • Duties & Taxes - Duties & taxes are waived or kept to a minimum for warranty repairs. This varies from country to country. For confirmation please contact your shipper/carrier


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