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Voodoo Amps STL-1






STL-1  Speaker To Line Level

STL-1 $799.00



Lead Time: 2-4 weeks from date of order  






"The STL-1 is used to provide a transformer-isolated signal from any guitar amplifier speaker output jack to line level signal. You can now capture the tone of the entire amp, including the power tubes, output transformer, etc and convert it to line level signal! Looking for the Brown Sound? Don't have an FX Loop? Want to record direct? Check out the STL-1



  • Vintage & Modern Amps – Send a line level signal into an effect processor or even your favorite pedals. The effected / wet output of an effects unit can be sent to an amplifiers “Return” jack (effects loop) or power amp with speakers to have a Wet/Dry setup or even Wet/Dry/Wet (IE: true stereo).
  • Slaving - Another common purpose is to slave one amp into another. Connect one end of an instrument cable from the STL-1’s “Output” and connect the other end to the input of another amplifier. This technique can be used to get similar results to “brown” tone featured on early EVH recordings.
  • Recording - Send a balanced line level signal to a recording / mixing console, mic-pre, Pro Tools, etc  



  • LEVEL - output control pot 
  • INPUT Amp -  connects to speaker output on amp
  • THRU Speaker - connects to speaker / load
  • OUTPUT Line Level - connects to effects, power amp, etc
  • GND / LIFT - ground lift switch
  • Transformer isolated - will not change your amps tone
  • Passive design - No AC power required
  • 100% Hand Wired in the USA
  • Perfect for touring, at-home playing or for recording
  • Dimensions - 4.67" x 3.68" x 1.18"D (pedal size!)


IMPORTANT The STL-1 box is NOT a load box. In other words, the amplifier MUST have a speaker connected at all times. The STL-1 is not a speaker cabinet emulator. This can be used in conjunction with speaker emulators, attenuators and resistive load devices.

OPERATION  Connect an available speaker output (1) jack to the “Amp Input” jack on the STL-1. If the amp has only one (1) speaker output jack, connect this to the “Amp Input” jack on the STL-1 and then connect “Speaker Thru” jack on the STL-1 to a speaker (or load). Connect the “Line Output” jack to a balanced or unbalanced jack of your mixer, effect or recording device. Set the appropriate level.

LINE OUTPUT  The “Line Output” jack is wired for balanced or unbalanced connections. The transformer is wired to the tip and ring connections of the jack. The cable shield is floated and can be referenced to the box ground ONLY when a balanced cable is used. 

GND LIFT SWITCH  The Ground Lift switch can be used to reference the box ground on the STL-1 or lift the ground. Use “Lift” position when Output is un-balanced and either for best results when output is balanced.



  • Based on the famous Jose Arrendondo transformer iscolated box designed for EVH and many others
  • Mercury Magnetics VA-STL Voodoo-Designed™ Transformer 
  • All components and parts are chosen for tone, feel and maximum reliability
  • Rugged Aluminum Chassis
  • Black power coated
  • Teflon wire - Aerospace grade
  • 1/4" connector jacks made by Cliff
  • Warranty


  • Phase Reverse Switch - $29.95
  • XLR Output Connector - $39.95 (replaces 1/4" output jack)
  • Impedance Control Pot - $29.95
  • Same circuity can be installed into most tube amplifiers - Call or email for pricing
  • Want a single space rack mount version? Check out our SPL-2!


  • Pedal Size!
  • L = 4.67"
  • W =  3.68"
  • D =  1.18"
  • Weight =  0.15 LBS



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